Our Community Cooking School provides a friendly, and affordable, learning environment for cooks of all levels. And most classes end with a meal with (new) friends at the community table.

Fearless in the Kitchen

Studies indicate that upwards of 70% of all meals eaten in the United States are prepackaged. The art of home cooking, like food gardening, is quickly slipping through our grasp.

We want to change that.

Our Community Cooking School engages neighbors, family members, elders, youth, chefs, farmers, entrepreneurs and others dedicated to sharing the valuable skill of home cooking. Much more than nutrition, home cooking celebrates culture, history, family and community.

A variety of programs for all level of experience and income are available year-round. Can’t afford to take a class? You can volunteer and be part of the learning experience.

Be fearless with us and learn a skill that will influence your life, and the lives of others, for years to come.


Food Education for EVERYONE

In 2016 we offered over 80 completely free classes to refugee families, kids aged 8-14 and 55+ adults. Focusing on healthy eating and cooking basics, our community of learners tasted a fresh tomato for the first time, got their intro to U.S. food culture and learned how to crack an egg (at 70!) Classes focus on cooking basics, nutrition and community with each one ending with a meal at our looooong farm table. We see the impact these classes bring to those who would otherwise not have access to them… and it is powerful and long-lasting.


Custom Events Help Us Fund Free Programming

Showers, Birthdays, Celebrations, Corporate Events… We offer custom experiences for your group to enjoy while creating memories for years to come! And you’ll feel good knowing your participation supports the nonprofit programs of PGP.

Here’s a small sample of private classes for 15-25 people:

FRENCH MACARONS— Enjoy a fun afternoon or evening learning to make the prettiest cookies in the world – the French almond macaron! This hands-on intermediate baking class will give you and your guests a delicious skill, and sweet memories, to last a lifetime!

BARTENDING BASICS FOR YOUR SIGNATURE COCKTAIL — Mixology doesn’t need to be a mystery… if you have an arsenal of great flavors to play with it’s easy to create your own signature drink! Enjoy a fun afternoon or evening with your guests concocting “your” signature cocktail that will be a staple for years of entertaining.

HONEYMOON IN SPAIN: PAELLA — The next best thing to being in Spain is cooking the national dish – Paella! Enjoy an afternoon or evening with your friends learning about the techniques and tastes of Spain and a meal of vegetable and seafood paella washed down with sangria! Ole!

CUSTOM CUPCAKES — Baking, decorating and celebrating! From a foolproof cupcake recipe to your own hands-on experience decorating with yummy buttercream frostings, this afternoon or evening with your friends makes for memories and a useful skill for every celebration in your life.

HANDMADE PASTA — If you’re a fan of pasta, you’ll be an even bigger fan of pasta that you make YOURSELF! In this afternoon or evening class, you and your guests will make two delicious types of pasta — fettuccini and ravioli (with fillings!) Afterwards, we’ll sit down at the farm table to savor a delicious handmade feast. You’ll never want to buy store-bought noodles again!

For more info, click HERE or send an email to info@petersongarden.org

Cooking and nutrition classes impact learners of all ages.
Bring your friends or meet new ones in the friendly learning environment of the Community Cooking School!

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