Our Community Cooking School provides a friendly, and affordable, learning environment for cooks of all levels. And most classes end with a meal with (new) friends at the community table.

Fearless in the Kitchen

Studies indicate that upwards of 70% of all meals eaten in the United States are prepackaged. The art of home cooking, like food gardening, is quickly slipping through our grasp.

We want to change that.

Our Community Cooking School engages neighbors, family members, elders, youth, chefs, farmers, entrepreneurs and others dedicated to sharing the valuable skill of home cooking. Much more than nutrition, home cooking celebrates culture, history, family and community.

A variety of programs for all level of experience and income are available year-round. Can’t afford to take a class? You can volunteer and be part of the learning experience.

Be fearless with us and learn a skill that will influence your life, and the lives of others, for years to come.

Our 3,000 square foot cooking facility at the Broadway Armory
Chefs and home cooks share their passion for teaching others!

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Community Cooking School 
@ Broadway Armory Park
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Chicago, Illinois 60660



Special thanks to our partners at the Chicago Park District for their collaboration.

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