Learning together in the garden does much more than put fresh, nutritious food on the table. It helps build stronger communities, connect us to cultural heritage, improve public health and create a more sustainable, resilient city.

Pop Up Victory Gardens

Pop-Up Victory Gardens

Our Pop-up Victory Gardens are sprouting all over Chicago. Pop-up Victory Gardens have a primary purpose, not of permanent green space, but to teach people in urban settings that they can grow their own food. We’re focused on long-term gardeners more than long-term gardens. +MORE

Pop-up Victory Gardens last from two to five years, and then we literally pick up the raised beds and move them, and any gardeners who want to follow, to a new site.

For our current sites see our Garden With Us page.

Grow2Give and Food Security

People today are concerned about the origin, availability and safety of their food—confusion about GMO labeling, what organic really means, “food miles” and other issues are important topics. PGP removes the mystery by teaching everyone to grow, and cook, their own organic food. And start on a path of lifelong learning. +MORE

Grow2Give™ is our volunteer-run program growing fresh produce to share with others. The donations go to local food pantries or nutrition programs chosen by the community. The program addresses food security issues by introducing vulnerable populations to fresh produce. Volunteers have grown six tons of food for our partners since2010!

Scholarships and In-garden Program Partnerships. Peterson Garden Project sets aside at least 10% of garden plots for scholarships for individual families and for food growing programs.

Volunteer for Grow2Give by signing up on our volunteer page.

Make a tax-deductible gift to support Grow2Give today.

To apply for a scholarship for your family or program send an email to [email protected].

Food & Culture 

The Edible Treasures Garden is a workplace garden at The Field Museum of Chicago. A partnership between The Field Museum of Chicago, Seed Saver’s Exchange, Jewell Events & Catering and Peterson Garden Project, the garden’s mission is to demonstrate urban heirloom vegetable gardening at one of Chicago’s great landmarks, The Field Museum. To visit the Edible Treasures Garden, ask museum personnel how to find the West Terrace next time you visit.  +MORE

In partnership with Seed Savers Exchange and Slow Food Chicago, our Global Garden has a Seed Saving Garden, featuring rare and heirloom vegetables. The Seed Saving Garden includes selections from the Ark of Taste, a collection of seeds in danger of going extinct. We host classes and demonstrations on seed saving with experts from Peterson Garden Project, Seed Savers Exchange and local seed saving organizations.

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Government Relations
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